Arty’s Community Corner – Raiden Science Foundation – Tommy Pham- EP Comic Con Raffle

Arty’s Community Corner Live From El Paso Comic Con 2024 – Supporting the Raiden Science Foundation

Ace and Arty got to chat with the Co-Founder & President Tommy Pham about the RSF, the challenges and battles fighting an Ultra Rare Disease and about his powerful and fighter Son Raiden.

Will be live at El Paso Comic Con April 12th, 13th and 14th at various times throughout each day with live interviews and more!

We will have a online/ In-person Raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to the Raiden Science Foundation RSF was founded with the inspiration of Raiden Pham, a four-year-old boy battling UBA5 disorder, an ultra-rare, and progressive condition.

This disorder manifests through symptoms such as movement impairment, intellectual disability, and epilepsy. In 2021, when Raiden was diagnosed, there was no treatment or research, leaving little hope.

However, in 2024, a potential treatment for UBA5 disorder is on the horizon, and RSF is engaged in a race against time to bring it to fruition.

RSF’s mission is clear: to harness the power of the community to develop cures for rare diseases, starting with UBA5 disorder. Rare diseases aren’t as uncommon as they seem.

They affect 200 million children globally, and sadly, 60 million won’t reach their fifth birthday. RSF’s goal is to scale their research today to give these kids a fighting chance tomorrow.

RSF launched Fight4Rare, a year-round fundraising campaign designed to rally gaming communities worldwide, igniting awareness and support for rare disease research.

You can purchase your raffle tickets now through Sunday April 14th, 2024 by clicking on the link below