Watch the Replay of the Rio Rancho v Eastlake Football Game

In the second game of the doubleheader at the SAC, it was a showdown between Eastlake and Rio Rancho High. The stage was set for an exciting matchup, and it didn’t disappoint.

Here’s a recap of the game: The first quarter began with Eastlake taking an early lead, thanks to a 16-yard touchdown catch by Ivan Medrano. The scoreboard read 7-0 in favor of Eastlake at the end of the opening quarter.

As the game progressed, Eastlake’s quarterback, Luke Lomeli, showcased his skills. Lomeli scored a 12-yard touchdown run, extending Eastlake’s lead to 14-0. This impressive run followed a 16-yard dash earlier in the game. However, Rio Rancho High seized an opportunity late in the second quarter when Eastlake had a miscue on special teams. Michael Santos capitalized on this mistake with a touchdown catch, bringing the score to 14-7 in Eastlake’s favor. The first half came to a close with Eastlake maintaining control, leading 21-7. Ivan Medrano secured his second touchdown catch of the game, courtesy of Luke Lomeli’s precision passing.

After the halftime break, Eastlake continued to dominate the field. Julius Acosta added to their lead with a touchdown run, set up by a remarkable long pass catch by Junior Trotman. The score extended to 28-7 in favor of Eastlake. The defensive effort by Eastlake was noteworthy too, as CJ Garcia made a key interception, thwarting Rio Rancho’s offensive attempts.

The game’s final moments saw Luke Lomeli adding more points to Eastlake’s tally with another touchdown run. The final score stood at Eastlake 35, Rio Rancho 7, with Eastlake emerging victorious. With this win, the Falcons of Eastlake improved their record to 2-0, heading into District 1-6A play with confidence and momentum. 

You can watch the replay of the game below with Christian Molinar and the Hall of Fame Coach Tony Grijalva providing the play by play commentary below:

Story by Christian Molinar