The Bus Stop: College Football’s Evolution and the Shifting Landscape

In this episode of the Bus Stop Podcast, The HOF Coach Tony Grijalva and I embark on an in-depth exploration of the ever-changing landscape of college football in 2024. With realignment shaking the foundation of traditional conferences, and powerhouse teams making bold moves, we analyze the impact on rivalries, regional travel, and non-revenue sports.

As conferences like the Big 12 and Pac-12 undergo seismic shifts,we look into the recent changes and discuss how they may affect the smaller non-Power 5 conferences. Also tackle the intriguing possibility of a Mountain West-Pac-12 merger and its potential implications.

With a focus on the 12-team College Football Playoff, we’ll explore how the expanded format could alter the dynamics of the national championship race and roster management for college football programs.

As Notre Dame remains independent with a five-game arrangement with the ACC, we discuss the unique advantages and challenges of being an independent team in the midst of conference realignment.

In a unique conversation about the future of college football, we speculate on the potential long-term consequences of the ongoing realignment and how it might shape the landscape of the sport in the years to come.