Overtime Training Football Fundamentals Camp Takes Place this Saturday and Features Lee Mays

The Overtime Training football fundamentals camp will be taking place this Saturday morning July 22nd at 9-11am with special guest Lee Mays (UTEP and Pittsburgh Steeler standout) at Coldwell Elementary School 14101 Altura Ave. It will also feature former UTEP standout players, Mike Perez, Deion Hankins and Ariel Famaligi.

Lee Mays will be working with the wideouts, Deion Hankins will be working with the RBs, Ariel Famaligi will be working with the OL and Mike Perez will be working with the QBs. The camp is fun, very instructive and its a great opportunity for young football players to learn from some great college greats.

More information on the camp is below:

photo courtesy of Mike Perez