Arty’s Community Corner – Series Premiere – Linda Wolfe Executive Director of The Great Khalid Foundation

📣Series Premiere of Arty’s Community Corner 🐧 – with have our very first Special Guest! Executive Director of the Great Khalid Foundation, Army Veteran, Singer, Philanthropist and probably one of the greatest titles: Mom, Mrs. Linda Wolfe!

Arty 🐧 & Ace ♠️chat with her Life in Germany, her love for music and the decision to step aside the professional music career and join the military and providing for her family. 

When she realize the special talents of her son, and how they established The Great Khalid Foundation. 

we talk about the foundations mission and  Performing Arts Scholarship what the future has in store 🎶 🥁 🎺 🎭 

we talk about the grand event of the Juneteenth Culture Celebration happening June 17th 

📲💻 Arty’s Community Corner EP 1 – on Wednesday June 14 at 9am on the

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