The Bus Stop – With Christian Molinar 01/11/2023

Basketball is a game of grace, power, and precision. It is a game of inches, where the ball must dance its way through the air, spinning and tumbling, before finding its way into the hands of the waiting player.

The court is a stage, and the players are its performers. They leap and soar, defying gravity as they throw down thunderous dunks and acrobatic layups. The crowd roars with each made basket, the energy and excitement building with each passing second.

The game is a battle, where the players clash and collide in a fight for possession. The sweat and tears of the players are the price they pay to achieve glory. Every second is a struggle, and every point is a victory.

And in the end, when the final buzzer sounds, there is nothing but exhaustion, adrenaline and the sweet taste of victory or the bitter pill of defeat.

Basketball is a game where you strive to reach the impossible, to be the best version of yourself, to test your limits and willpower, to give everything you have and to leave nothing on the court. It’s a game of passion and drama, where every play is a story, every game is a chapter, and every season is a legacy.

El Paso is a cauldron of basketball talent, a deep well of teams and players, each with the potential to make a run for the district title at any moment. But with so many strong contenders, it can be nearly impossible to rank them correctly. Each team is a puzzle, a complex web of strengths and weaknesses that must be carefully examined and evaluated.

The process of ranking these teams is a science, a meticulous calculation of data and statistics, creating a formula that can compare and contrast each team’s performance. But even with all the numbers and data, there is still the human element, the “eye test,” that must be considered.

For me, it’s a balancing act, a constant struggle to reconcile the cold hard facts with my own intuition and experience. The margin of error is razor-thin, with the difference between two teams sometimes coming down to just a tenth of a point. But when the computer’s rankings align with my own observations, the results are undeniable.

Other times, the computer and I disagree, and it’s in those moments that my expertise and instincts must prevail. The fate of these teams, the hopes of their players and fans, rest on every decision I make. It’s a weighty responsibility, but one that I embrace with the passion and commitment of a true basketball fanatic.

Get ready for a thrilling battle for the top spot on the girls’ side of high school basketball in El Paso. The action is heating up as Chapin, Franklin, and Burges jostle for position in the top three spots, while Eastwood hangs around the fourth spot, waiting to upset the status quo. The competition is fierce, with the computer model putting the difference between these top four teams at less than 1.5 points – this is where the rankings are the closest and the tension is at its highest.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. A virtual mountain separates the top four teams from the rest, but don’t be fooled, the teams in the bottom half of the top 10 are no pushovers. The race for the top spot is a test of strength of schedule, quality wins and losses, and those bad losses. I use the same criteria as the computer model, but I also use my own “eye test” to make my final decisions. Think of it like the old BCS computer model, some people loved it and others hated it, but you can’t deny the drama and excitement it created.

The fight for the top spots are not over yet, Andress is making a comeback, Americas has a size advantage with their front court, Immanuel Christian is showing no signs of slowing down, and Bel Air is rising every week. The last few spots will be a revolving door, with Clint and El Dorado holding their ground, but Riverside, Pebble Hills and other teams are waiting to make their move. Don’t miss out on the high stakes, pulse-pounding action of high school basketball in El Paso.

The boys’ side of high school basketball in El Paso is a war zone of fierce competition and unyielding determination. Ranking these teams is no easy task, as the pool of talent is just as deep and unpredictable as the girls’ side.

Leading the charge is Chapin, a team that has been tested time and time again and has yet to falter. Franklin holds a strong grip on the top spot in their district, but Eastwood looms in the shadows, waiting for the chance to claim their rematch and take the top spot for themselves.

When you take a closer look at some of the scores in the 1-6A district, you’ll see a landscape of close battles and deep competition. Americas is gaining confidence, Socorro is proving to be a formidable opponent, and Pebble Hills and Coronado are constantly lurking, ready to strike at any given moment. The 1-5A and 2-5A districts are shaping up to be battles like no other, with every team in 2-5A boasting a winning record, making the competition truly fierce.

Chapin remains the top dog in 1-5A, but they must watch out for Canutillo, Andress and a young, up-and-coming Burges squad, who are all eager to play the role of spoiler. And let’s not forget about the smaller teams, Harmony Science Academy and Tornillo, both of whom have been playing outstanding basketball all season long and are sure to make some noise in the playoffs.

This is no game for the faint of heart, this is a high stakes, full-contact sport where only the strongest and most determined will emerge victorious. Get ready for the drama, the excitement and the heart-pounding action of high school basketball in El Paso.