NACL Partners With FITGMR and Cloud9 Training Grounds To Provide Professional Performance and Player Development For College Esports Athletes

10/11/2022 – El Paso, TX – FITGMR is partnering with the North American Collegiate League (NACL) and the 400+ colleges and universities they work with. The NACL, founded by leading esports industry executive David Chen, Strategic Advisor to FITGMR, bridges the gap between academic and traditional sports scholarships, helping students to follow their passion while pursuing a higher-level education.  The NACL provides support for collegiate esports athletes on several levels including tournaments and league play for universities and colleges with scholarship prizes.  
Through a joint venture with Cloud9, FITGMR recently merged its operations with the Cloud9 Training Grounds and now offers a comprehensive training experience that includes personalized game training, competitive league play, coaching, community engagement and holistic health as part of a complete performance platform.  This joint venture sets the stage to take the Cloud9 Training Grounds and whole-player development to the next level.  Cloud9 and FITGMR have collaborated in various ways since 2018 and will continue to do so. 
Kristin Anderson, CEO of FITGMR, stated, “The NACL is a perfect fit for FITGMR.  Together, we are able to impact the collegiate space in meaningful ways from health and wellbeing, to league play to coaching support.  David and his team are top notch and we are excited about the various ways we can grow together.” 
“We are excited for this amazing opportunity with the leader in performance in gaming with fitgmr and the legacy of the c9tg academy to enhance the experience of the players and to the motto of nacl “the path to pro experience” this partnership makes it very unique in esports and is next level,” stated David Chen.
Via NACL’s media and broadcast capabilities, and now through expanded performance and player development from FITGMR and the Cloud9 Training Grounds, NACL is able to shine a spotlight on esports athletes and their success.  This strategic alignment adds to the expanding ecosystem that started as the NACL just a few years ago and significantly extends its reach in scholastic esports.  
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