Mikaela Mayer Beats Jennifer Han in Unanimous Decision

Mikaela Mayer retained her WBO/IBF Junior Lightweight World Championship as she beat Jennifer Han via unanimous decision Saturday Night in Costa Mesa California.

Going into the fight, Han knew that she was going to be facing a taller opponent but her she knew the style of fighter that Mayer is as her sister beat Mayer when they were amateurs and she was in her sister’s corner during those fights.

But the Mayer that Jennifer fought was not the same one that her sister fought as Han had a hard time against Mayer.

In the first round, Han actually gave Mayer her first cut in her professional career, but the cut above the left eye wouldn’t be a factor in the fight.

Mayer would bust Han open as she connected a couple of shots to the nose in the fourth round and Mayer would dominate the fight after that.

Han would have a hard time landing punches on the taller Mayer as Jennifer would only land 63 punches after throwing 384 in the fight. Mayer on the other hand would land 193 after throwing 578 punched in the fight.

All three judges would rule in Mayer’s favor giving her the unanimous decision. Han showed tremendous spirit as she never gave up on the fight and never got knocked down in the fight.

With the win, Mayer is now 16-0, Han is 18-5-1