Esports Update: The NACL continues its partnership with WolvesEsports with the Road to Wolverhampton Fifa League

Staff Report: 3/18/2022 – El Paso, TX –


 The thrilling North American Collegiate League Warzone tournament has come to a close. In first place, Aloha and Deniro, as a part of Team Diverge, take home the grand prize of 500 dollars and our Duo Tag Team Championship Belt! In second place is an ambassador and friend to NACL, FuntCase, and his partner Riri! Their impressive performance secured them the runner-up prize of 350 dollars. In third place is Enisty and Grizz, of Team Nuklear, bringing home the third-place prize of 150 dollars! Streamer Rara and his partner Instinct made an admirable fourth place! And last but not least, Dalvin Tomlinson of the Minnesota Vikings and his partner, DLRii of the New Jersey Generals, made fifth place. While our fourth and fifth place competitors did not quite manage to take home a prize, they did leave an impression on us, at NACL, and their other competitors, with their impressive performance.

Meanwhile, the Road to Wolverhampton paves the way for new FIFA league legends
the North American Collegiate League Weekly FIFA League has wrapped up its second week! Our competitors have had fierce competition even in these beginning weeks, and it seems that the competition will only get more fired up! All sixteen players have at least one win under their belt, and they’re not stopping there. Make sure to tune into every Thursday at 4 PM PST for intense FIFA 22 action!

The NACL is thrilled to be a part of these skilled players’ path to greater and greater things. We hope to foster even more friendly competition with even more talents! Stay tuned for updates on our weekly FIFA league, and for news on future tournaments.
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