Andress Crushes El Paso High 72-8

Going into the Friday night’s game, El Paso High was trying to get back to a winning season while Andress had only lost one game in the district this season. With two games left to play, every win is important. This game would make one team’s season and on the other hand break one.

El Paso received the ball first and Andress made it known that they came to play. QB Jesus Pina was harassed in the back field by Daniel Sanchez, Moises Vera, and Damian Espinoza. Daniel Sanchez finished the night with 4 tackles for a loss and a touchdown and Jaden Patton had 3 tackle for losses.

Andress spent more time in the back field then most players on El Paso High team. Punts were rushed as El Paso High was just trying to get better field position. 

Andress did not take long to score and score often. Malcomb Anderson caught a 27 yard pass for Andress’ first touchdown. Less than a minute later, Jeremiah Cooper intercepts the ball for a 37 yard TD. Andress would score 5 times in the first half and going into half time, the score was Andress 44 and El Paso 0.

El Paso finally got on the board by a blocked extra point return all the way back and scored 2 points. Finally a bright spot for El Paso High. But that was short lived and Andress finished the 3rd quarter with the score of Andress 64 and El Paso 2.

El Paso started the fourth quarter strong with a TD pass to Christian Carrillo for 43 yards but the extra point was no good. 

Emilio Apodaca ran the ball in for a 2 yard touchdown for Andress with 4 minutes left in the game. That would end the scoring for both teams; Andress 72 and El Paso 8. 

Andress will finish the regular season at home playing Jefferson and it is a must win as they are tied with Austin High School. El Paso will finish at home against Burges. It will take everything El Paso has to stop Burges’ offense.

Bill Coon Reporting