The Nightmare at the SAC avoided as Franklin comes Back to Beat Americas 25-21

Americas came out with a perfect game plan, control tempo, keep Franklin’s offense off the field and run the ball.

The plan was working for the first half, the Trailblazers would get up 14-0 and frustrate the Cougars. Franklin wouldn’t have rhythm offensively as their chances were limited. 

As time winded down in the first half Franklin would finally find the end zone to close the gap to 8. 

Americas would still have control for most of the second half going up 21-12 until the last 4 minutes of the game. 

Two big momentum swingers for the Cougars brought them back to life, a 4th down stop near midfield which would set up a score to 21-19 and the blocked field goal to win the game. Americas had the ball inside the 20 with a chance to go up 5, Franklin would block it and return it all the way back to have their first lead of the game with a minute left in the game.

Franklin avoids the upset and wins the game 25-21. They have a big game next week against Pebble Hills for a chance to secure the district championship.

Christian Molinar, Tony Grijalva Reporting