Eastlake Pitches Shutout over Montwood 50-0

Eastlake was sound in all three phases of football tonight. The opening kickoff to Montwood would be recovered by the Falcons to start the night off.

Eastlake would score three plays later. Elijah Uribe would have a shorten night but was still more than effective. 16 touches for 150 yards and 3 touchdowns. 

Montwood has been hit by the injury bug offensively and couldn’t find the end zone. They would be in position to score two times from inside the 10 but the Falcons would hold. 

Eastlake showed incredible depth getting other players involved offensively on their way to 50 points. The offensive line should get the most praise for how well the lanes were opened up. It didn’t matter who was in the backfield Eastlake average near 7 yards a carry. They also provide time during passes an average of 5 seconds and sometimes more. 

The defense for the Falcons was quick and aggressive to the ball, setting the edge, getting the back field quickly and wouldn’t allow the Rams any momentum.

Eastlake remains in 2nd place and in control of their own destiny heading into the playoffs.

Christian Molinar, Tony Grijalva, Johnny Tegg Reporting