Burges Hangs on to Beat Andress 35-34

The game between Andress and Burges could have been one of the city’s best games…. And it proved to be just that type of game. Both coaches was focused on one player tonight, Tavorus Jones. Andress wanted to hold him in check while Burges wanted to open holes up for him to run. 

Andress stuck first with an Elias Duncan 10 yd run for the games first touchdown but the extra point was far left. Then it was Burges’ turn. Well it did not take long for Tavorus Jones to score. Jones ran 31 yards for Burgess’ first touchdown. The extra point was good. Andrew Armendariz scored for Burges on a 9 yard run. The first half finished with Burges ahead 14 to 6.  

In the second quarter, Burges had a huge scare. Tavorus Jones got hurt on a horrible personal foul penalty on Andress. He came over to the sideline and removed his shoulder pads. Jones did not play the rest of the second quarter. When the second half began, we saw Tavorus come out and started playing again. He was not running like he did before the hit, but Andress was still focused on where he was. 

Andress kicked the ball off to Burges and Ray Campos took the ball 91 yards for the touchdown. 21 seconds later, Andress answered with a 50 yard run by Jared Gordon for Andress’ second touchdown. Once again, the extra point was no good.

With 2:13 minutes left in the 3rd quarter Andress scores again and this time the two point conversion was good. The score was Burges 21 and Andress 20. The third quarter came to the end with Burges holding to the one point advantage.

In the fourth quarter, Sean Street runs the ball in for a 6 yd td. Burges is now ahead by 8. Andress scores a 72 yd pass to Malcolm Anderson. The 2 point conversion was not good. The score is Burgess 28 and Andress 26. Andress turned around a scored again with 6 minutes left on a Malcom Anderson interception for a 35 yd touchdown. Malcom Anderson catches the ball for the 2 point conversion.

Tavorus was not done on the night. He scored a 52 yd touchdown run for Burges and it made the score Burges 35 and Andress 34. As Andress was driving down the field, one of their few mistakes, Elias Duncan throws an interception to Ian Solis and that right ended the night for Andress.

Tavorus Jones finished the night with 15 carries and a total of 229 yards. 

Burges is off next week while Andress will play Irvin.

Bill Coon Reporting