Sun Bowl Association Announces 2021-22 Sun Court

EL PASO, Texas – The Sun Bowl Association announced the 2021-22 Sun Court, including a new Sun Queen, Lady-in-Waiting, and Sun Princesses on Friday, Aug. 6 at the El Paso Country Club.

Eight new Sun Princesses join the 2021-22 Sun Queen, Jaylene Placencia and Lady-in-Waiting, Paige Dorsey as ambassadors for the Sun Bowl Association, while also representing the city of El Paso.

“Our Sun Court is a very important part of our association and events,” said Executive Director Bernie Olivas. “These young ladies, who are all from El Paso, are on the road to become great leaders for our community and beyond.  They represent the Borderland very well.”

The Sun Court Coronation has been a part of the Sun Bowl since the first-ever college Sun Bowl game played in 1936. Coronation played a huge social role in the “Sun Carnival”, the week-long pageantry associated with the Sun Bowl.

According to the 1938 Sun Bowl game program, “The social side of the Sun Carnival centers around the Coronation of the Sun Queen with her Lady-In-Waiting and Royal Court of Princesses from all the cities of the Sun Empire and the Grand Ball tendered by the Association in honor of Her Majesty and Court.”

Today, the Sun Court serves as ambassadors for the city of El Paso. The ladies of the court volunteer at various community events and make appearances at the All-America Golf Classic, the Sun Bowl Thanksgiving Day Parade, WestStar Don Haskins Sun Bowl Invitational, Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl, Helen of Troy Charm Camp and many other events throughout the year.

Sun Princesses (Current School)

Cassandra Aldaz (UTEP)

Paulina Castaneda (UTEP)

Valeria Del Villar (UTEP)

Maria Gomez (UTEP)

Jazmin Jayme (UTEP)

Andie Menichelli (UTEP)

Analisa Quinonez (UTEP)

Kennadi Trevino (EPCC)