Legendary Wrestler Hector Guerrero Talks about his Father Gory Guerrero being Inducted into the EPAHOF

The Guerrero family is one of the most famous and legendary families in the world of professional wrestling. Just say the name Guerrero to a wrestling fan and they know exactly who you’re talking about.

And it started with Salvador “Gory” Guerrero, He was a wrestler, a successful promoter and the father of six kids in which his four sons Mando, Hector, Chavo and Eddie also became professional wrestlers. His two daughters Maria and Linda and wife wife Herlinda all helped with the wrestling shows that Gory promoted here in El Paso and in Juarez.

Gory Guerrero’s EPAHOF Plaque/ Photo by Mando Medina

Gory ran wrestling promotions for over 22 years and was instrumental in establishing El Paso as a pro wrestling town. He earned respect throughout the world and on Wednesday night he will be Posthumously inducted into the 2020 El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame.

I had a chance to talk to his son Hector about what it meant to see his father going into the Hall of Fame and for him to tell us some stories from the days of wrestling at the El Paso Coliseum.