Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Fight Goes the Distance

If this exhibition boxing match was gonna have a winner, then Floyd “Money” Mayweather would have easily won the bout against You Tuber Logan Paul. But you have to give Paul credit because he went the full eight rounds against Mayweather.

Going into the fight that took place on Sunday night at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Paul’s goal was to go the distance with Mayweather so he accomplished his goal. Another thing this fight accomplished is that this fight generated a lot of buzz, wether it be good or bad for the sport of boxing.

The Florida State Boxing Commission did not officially sanction the fight, but it was was scheduled for eight three-minute rounds. There were no judges and no official winner read, though knockouts were legal. The fight does not go on either fighters record and Paul and Mayweather wore 10-ounce gloves.

Here’s what Floyd Mayweather said after the match:

And here’s what Logan Paul had to say: