Amateur Boxing Makes Triumphant Return to El Paso

After over a year without any amateur boxing, it made a triumphant return on Saturday with the “Clash of The Youth Boxing Event” presented by Warriors Edge Boxing Promotions.

Seventeen bouts took place at the Texas Army National Guard Center and to say that everyone at the event was excited for the return of amateur boxing is an understatement. You could feel the joy and happiness that people had because they were able to go to a sporting event and support youth boxing.

The fight teams that participated in the “Clash of Youth Boxing Event” were:

Warriors Edge Boxing, Rodriguez Fight Team, Revolution Boxing, Sanchez Brothers, Brawler Boxing, Pound 4 Pound, Lee Boxing, Superior Boxing, The Wolves Den and Freona Boxing.

The crowd of around 350 got to see some great talent from not only El Paso but from other cities as well. And they were into every single fight as they saw all the fighters give it their best.

No fighter left empty handed as each fighter got a medal and patch courtesy of WBC Mexico’s Cares amateur organization program.

Overall the event was a great success as everyone had fun and was entertained by the return of amateur boxing. Warriors Edge Boxing Promotions is already planning on having more events in the summer.