Bryson Williams has a Big Decision to Make

Thousands of kids start playing sports with the dream about playing at the next level. Parents sends their kids to camps, specialize coaches, leagues, etc. all in the hopes of building up their skills. As a parent, they want the best for their kids. So what’s the difference with a college basketball star? NOTHING!

I had a chance to chat with former UTEP Basketball star Bryson Williams who entered the transfer portal last month and like all NCAA players, has the option for a free season due to the Covid situation. He truly wants to play at the next level which is the NBA. Not only doses he want to play there, he wants to be a first round pick.

Those are some hefty goals but Bryson thinks they are in his reach. Williams is weighing all his options and is looking at where’s the best place for him so he can make it to the NBA.

It’s looking as if he has played his best ball here at UTEP.

Did he do enough to be drafted in the first round? Here’s some of the things he accomplished this last season at UTEP: 2020 All-Conference USA First Team, Conference USA Player of the week 3 times and C-USA Commissioner’s Academic Honor Roll for the past two years. He has excelled in years prior as well

Will staying at UTEP help with his goal of becoming a first round draft pick?

Bryson is struggling on what to do. If he should go to another school and lift that team to a higher level as he did here at UTEP, he thinks it will benefit him. “If I go somewhere else and elevate my game there also, I will have a better chance,” Bryson said. 

Bryson shared that he has had many offers and is weighing on what to do next. Imagine the weight on his shoulders on this decision. If he leaves and gets less minutes, suffers an injury, or just does not have a banner year, where will his draft stock fall? If he stays at UTEP and still leads the team, does this raise his draft stock? It’s not an easy decision for Bryson to make.

We all have gone through tough decisions like this, but not with six zeros following our pay. We want the best players at UTEP, but truly our wish should be that we want the best for Bryson.

His love for UTEP and El Paso is evident. He said “I want to come back to El Paso. I love it here.” He liked Coach Terry and he likes Coach Golding. “Its not about a coach, a city or team.” For Bryson, its about making it to the NBA.

Good luck Bryson, we hope you stay but if you do not stay good luck to you.

Thank you for the memories.

Story by Bill Coon