Sean Lee Retires From the Dallas Cowboys

After 11 seasons as a Dallas Cowboy, LB Sean Lee has decided to retire.

He played 118 games for the Cowboys and his playing time was limited due to various injuries, but he ends his career with almost 1,000 tackles and will forever be remembered as one of the leaders of the Cowboys.

Lee wrote a letter thanking the Dallas Cowboys, his fans and his family for the support they showed him during his playing career:

“For 11 seasons I was privileged to wear the Cowboys star. We want to play forever. But today, it’s my time to walk away.

To the Jones family, you treated me as one of your own since I arrived. You allowed me to shine and grow as a player and person. Thank you for your support and graciousness.

To the coaches, your endless hours of work made me a better player and pushed me to places I didn’t know I could go. I’ll carry your lessons through the rest of my life.

To my teammates, I love you like brothers. The bond of our shared sacrifice will last forever. I’ll miss the brotherhood, but will cherish the memories from the locker room following all the big wins and tough losses.

To the athletic training staff, Lord knows you earned your money working with me. But I couldn’t have made it through my injuries without you. Britt Brown, thank you for pushing me as far as you did.

To the fans, you lifted me up when I needed it most. I didn’t want to let you down. If there’s a regret, it’s that I never helped bring a championship back home, because you deserve it so much.

To my family, you have always been my foundation. I love and cherish all of you. I couldn’t have done anything without your support. Mom and Dad, you showed me the right way, giving me every opportunity to succeed. To my brother and sister, I looked to both of you for inspiration. To my in-laws, thanks for all your love and support. To my wife, Megan, I love you dearly. You were there for every injury, every bad game. I never would have persevered without your support. 

To the game of football, it changed my life.

Whenever I’m near a field, the smell brings me back to when I first started playing, pulling on a helmet, trying on those shoulder pads, that perfect tackle. To think of the journey now, experiencing things I never thought possible with the men and women who make this game what it is, I’m beyond grateful.

Thank you, Cowboys Nation. It has been my honor.”