Chris Jericho to Appear on Stone Cold’s Podcast!

In what most wrestling fans would consider shocking news, Chris Jericho is going to appear on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s show Broken Skull Sessions.

Now if you’re wondering why this is big news, well it’s because Jericho doesn’t wrestle for the WWE anymore, in fact he’s been wrestling for rival AEW for almost 2 years. Oh and I forgot to mention that Austin’s show airs on the WWE and Peacock Network. So the fact that a rival wrestler is appearing on a very WWE program is some surprising news.

At first fans thought that it was an April fools joke because the WWE Network Twitter page was teasing a video that they posted featuring Stone Colds Skull with Jericho’s WWE’s music.

But on Friday, the confirmed that the interview is real and its gonna air on Sunday April 11 the right after Wrestlemania on the Peacock Network